The Warehouse Group announces new future director

29 Aug 2017

The board of The Warehouse Group is pleased to announced the appointment of Vena Crawley as the company’s latest participant in the Future Director programme, continuing the Group’s commitment to supporting the next generation of governance talent in New Zealand.

Mr Crawley is currently the chief customer officer at Contact Energy, taking a lead role in the transformation of their retail and customer business. Prior to this, he worked for major organisations such IAG and ASB Group/Sovereign. His earlier career years included roles in the FMCG, advertising, telco, retail and export industries. He also has previous governance experience, including as a director with Loyalty NZ and Workbase NZ. Mr Crawley holds an MBA and BA from Steinbeis University in Germany. He has also studied at the Darden School of Business (via Virginia State University).

Chairwoman Joan Withers said, “With career credentials that have included a variety of challenges and opportunities internationally and locally, his significant experience in driving customer centricity within organisations together with his Samoan heritage, Mr Crawley has skills and attributes which will enable him to provide a new perspective to board discussions on a variety of emerging issues. We look forward to the contribution Mr Crawley will make to the company and as a board we are delighted that we have the opportunity to assist in increasing the availability of candidates in New Zealand ready for director appointments.”

Last financial year Malcolm Phillipps participated in this initiative and his contribution was valued by directors. It is pleasing that Mr Phillipps has been successful in obtaining director appointments after his participation in the Future Director initiative.

Mr Crawley will attend the first board meeting on August 24, 2017 and his appointment will continue through to the 2018 annual meeting.

 - NBR article