TVNZ appoints Future Director Aliesha Staples

16 May 2019

Local pioneer of virtual and augmented reality Aliesha Staples has been appointed TVNZ’s inaugural Future Director.

Staples comes from a strong film industry and emerging technology background. She is the founder and CEO of Staples VR.

Specialising in augmented, virtual and mixed reality technology, her company has produced immersive experiences for the likes of Warner Brothers, Paramount, Disney and TVNZ. Staples is also the driving force behind vRemedies, a company supplying emerging tech solutions in the digital health space, such as letting children experience procedures through VR to prepare them for the real thing.

Staples was named the New Zealand High Tech Awards Young Achiever of the Year in 2017 and 2018.

The New Zealand Institute of Directors’ Future Director programme gives talented professionals the opportunity to gain corporate governance experience at board level, creating a pathway for the next generation of directors.

As a Future Director, Staples will attend TVNZ board meetings and participate in discussions but won’t have voting rights.

TVNZ’s Chairman Dame Therese Walsh says TVNZ is pleased to support the Future Director initiative and welcome Staples to TVNZ’s board table. “Aliesha is working at the forefront of the immersive digital world. The work she’s doing is leading to exciting innovations in a range of tech-focused sectors, including the media industry. We expect to learn as much from Aliesha as she’ll learn from us and we look forward to the valuable contribution she’ll make to our board discussions.”

Staples says: “I am excited about this amazing opportunity to both develop my career at a board level and add my knowledge to the table, to bring insight from future technologies to TVNZ.”

Aliesha Staples’ term runs from 1 June 2019 to 31 December 2020.

 - Scoop