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 3Air Traffic Controller
 4Aironautic Specialist
 6Apiarist (Bee Keeper)
 7Aquaculturist (Fish Farmer)
 17Business Consultant
 18Business Manager
 19Business Owner/Operator
 20Cargo and Freight Agents
 21Cartographer (Map Scientist)
 23Chaplain, Minister of Religion
 26Community Worker
 27Computer and Information Systems Specialist
 28Computer programmer
 30Developer (Real Estate),
 33Energy Specialist
 38Equity Investor
 39Events Manager
 41Financial Analyst
 43Human Resource Specialist
 46Information Technologist
 47Insurance Broker
 48Investment Advisor
 49IT Specialist
 51Lab Technician
 52Language Professional
 53Law Enforcement
 59Medical Specialist
 60Military Officer
 64Occupational therapist
 73Professor (Academic)
 74Property Manager
 78Social Worker
 79Software Engineer
 80Speech Language Pathologist
 85Telecommunications specialist
 87Translator / interpreter
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