Strengthening New Zealand's director pool

Delivering board diversity, new talent and fresh perspectives

Welcome to Future Directors

Founded by Sir Stephen Tindall (The Warehouse/Tindall Foundation), Michael Stiassny (past IoD President) and Des Hunt (NZ Shareholders Association) in 2013, Future Directors is about developing the next generation of directors and ensuring the director pool is wide enough to support New Zealand's economic growth.

Future Directors aims to give young talented people the opportunity to observe and participate on a company board for a year while giving the company exposure to this talent and the benefits a young mind can bring.

In June 2016 Future Directors was extended to State Sector boards allowing public sector boards and committees to benefit from the programme, as well as develop a larger and more diverse pipeline.



A win-win for both parties

Future Directors get:
  • a real head start in gaining top level governance experience early in their career
  • first-hand experience of what it is to operate at large company board level
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Host boards get to:

  • bring a young and fresh perspective to their boardroom
  • tap into the skillsets of a generation that does things differently
  • see how age diversity can impact board dynamics
  • help develop the talent for tomorrow's boardrooms
  • demonstrate their company's commitment to diversity
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Future Directors Private Sector Programme placements

2017 - Amanda Smith (independent director, Castle Point Funds Management)

Auckland International Airport
2012 – Sheridan Broadbent (GM Strategy, Genesis Energy)
2014 – Shelley Cave (Consultant, Simpson Grierson)
2015 – Nicola Greer 
2016 - Kiriwaitingi Rei (CEO Maori Investments Limited and MD Tarawera Land Company)

AWF Group
2015 ­– Rachel Hopkins (GM Marketing and Communications, Competenz)

Canterbury Scientific
2014 – Clive Seymour (Founder/MD/Director Biodirectionz, Science Directions)

Dunedin Airport
2013 – Tony Allison (CEO, Night n Day Foodstores)

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare
2014 ­– Franceska Banga (CEO, NZVIF)
2015 – Nicky Bell (CEO, Saatchi & Saatchi)
2016 - Rachael Newsome (General Counsel and Strategist, Icebreaker)

Genesis Energy
2016 – On hold
2017 - Considering

2015 – Simon Tong (Managing Director, Fairfax Media)
2017 - On hold until 2018

2017 – Megan Matthews

2014 – Carolyn Luey (GM Strategy, NZME)
2016 – Nicky Ashton (GM Brand and Marketing, Kiwibank)


2013 – Deborah Harding
2014 – Colin Finnegan (Petrovac Facilities Management)

2017 - Anna Molloy (Analyst Masfen Securities)

Ports of Auckland
2017 - In progress

Scales Corporation
2016 – Liz Muller (Director, Global Food Alliance)
2017 - Jen Bunbury (Investment Banking Director, Deutsche Craigs)

2015 – Mele Wendt (Director, Scholarship Services Aotearoa)

2016 - In progress

The Warehouse
2013 ­– Robbie Tindall
2014 – Bindi Norwell (TNS Director)
2015 – Malcolm Phillipps (Managing Director, Phillipps Consulting)
2017 - Vena Crawley (Chief Customer Officer, Contact Energy)

2014 – Tony Arthur (Head of Retail Network, BNZ)
2015 ­– Nick Astwick (COO, Kiwibank)
2016 - In progress

Future Directors Public Sector Programme placements

Department of Corrections
2017 - Sara Brownlie

New Zealand Geographic Board (LINZ)
2017 - Rachel Pinn

Sport New Zealand
2017 - Chelsea Grootveld

Worksafe New Zealand
2016 - Ruth Smithers

Financial Markets Authority
2017 - Carol Cheng (Founder, Hong Consulting Ltd)

 * Executive Position at time of appointment is in brackets